Earl Brutus – Tonight You Are The Special One (3 Loop Music, 2016)


Title: Tonight You Are The Special One
Year Of Release: 2016
Label: 3 Loop Music
Genre: Indie Rock, Britpop, New Wave
Quality: 320 Kbps
Total Time: 92:34 min
Total Size: 214 MB



1. "The SAS and the Glam that Goes with It" (Fry/Sanderson/Marche/King) - 3:38
2. "Universal Plan" (Fry/Sanderson/Marche/King) - 4:32
3. "Midland Red" (Fry/Sanderson/Marche/King) - 4:11
4. "God, Let Me Be Kind" (Fry/Sanderson/Marche/King) - 3:45
5. "Come Taste My Mind" (Fry/Sanderson/Marche/King) - 4:12
6. "Second Class War" (Fry/Sanderson/Marche/King) - 4:28
7. "Your Majesty We Are Here" (Fry/Sanderson/Marche/King) - 4:00
8. "Don't Die Jim" (Fry/Sanderson/Marche/King) - 4:17
9. "99p" (Fry/Sanderson/Marche/King) - 3:37
10. "East" (Fry/Sanderson/Marche/King) - 4:39
11. "Edelweiss" (Fry/Sanderson/Marche/King) - 4:25
12. "Male Wife" (Fry/Sanderson/Marche/King/Reid) - 2:55


1. Nicotine Stain (Live)
2. Superstar
3. Larky
4. TV Tower
5. William , Taste My Mind (William Reid Remix)
6. Gypsy Camp Battle
7. The Scottish
8. Teenage Opera
9. Come Taste My Mind (Live At The Astoria 1998)
10. Nice Man In A Bubble
11. England Sandwich
12. Teenage Taliban (Demo/Live From Hammersmith Working Man's Club, 7 April 2004)

Earl Brutus were a British indie rock band who emerged in the 1990s. The band was formed by World of Twist's Gordon King, and also featured fellow ex-WoT member Nick Sanderson (who played with The Jesus and Mary Chain on their Munki album), together with Rob Marche (a former member of Subway Sect and JoBoxers), Martin Wright, Jamie Fry (brother of ABC's Martin Fry) and Shin-Yu.

They were renowned for their chaotically raucous and visually entertaining live shows which often featured unusual stage props, including messages and slogans that were displayed on revolving garage forecourt signs, written in neon lights or spelt out using funeral wreaths.

Musically, Earl Brutus's sound incorporated a diverse range of influences, including elements of early 1970s UK glam rock, the electronica of Kraftwerk and the ramshackleness of The Fall. Their lyrics concentrated on the mundane side of modern British life while at the same time exploring its dark and seedy underbelly.

Despite receiving favourable press interest for their live shows, albums and singles, Earl Brutus failed to gain commercial success or widespread recognition, and remained cult figures.

After a lengthy spell of inactivity, Earl Brutus returned for a one-off live date at Hammersmith Working Men's Club in London on 7 April 2004. Proceeds from the event, which also featured a DJ set from Mani of Primal Scream, were donated to Ken Livingstone's London Mayoral election campaign (this gig also featured Frank Sidebottom (comedian singer/songwriter Chris Sievey) who played a truncated set as a result of being apparently so drunk - and having limited vision with his papier mache 'head' on - that he tripped backwards over one of the monitors and fell approx 5 feet down off the stage head first. He was subsequently carried out of the room, apparently unconscious).