Paula Abdul – Singles – 12inch Vinyl Collection (1988-1992)


Title: Singles - 12inch Vinyl Collection
Year Of Release: 1988-1992
Label: Virgin Records
Genre: Pop, Dance, R&B, Synth-pop
Quality: CBR 320 kbps / FLAC [96kHz/24bit]
Total Time: 3:24:33
Total Size: 491 mb / 4.53 gb

American singer, songwriter, dancer, choreographer and actress born June 19th, 1962 in Los Angeles, California.

Paula Abdul began her career in Los Angeles as a choreographer for music videos. Inevitably, she moved on to making music videos of her own. She was an MTV fixture in the 80's, but has maintained a much lower musical profile since. Occasional forays into acting for television have been attempted, with her role as a judge on the TV show "American Idol" being her latest claim to fame.


1988 - Straight Up
01.Straight Up (12 Inch Remix) 06:54
02.Straight Up (Power Mix) 04:59
03.Straight Up (House Mix) 07:06
04.Straight Up (Marley Marl Mix) 06:28

1988 - (Its Just) the Way that You Love Me
01.(It's Just) the Way that You Love Me (12 Inch Remix) 06:48
02.(It's Just) the Way that You Love Me (7 Inch Dub) 05:04
03.(It's Just) the Way that You Love Me (Houseafire Mix) 06:22

1988 - Knocked Out
01.Knocked Out (Round 1-Extended Mix) 06:59
02.Knocked Out (Round 2-Instrumental) 03:43
03.Knocked Out (Round 3-Radio Edit) 04:59
04.Knocked Out (Tko Dub) 06:32

1989 - Forever Your Girl
01.Forever Your Girl (12 Inch Version) 06:33
02.Forever Your Girl (Yoi Greg Dub Version) 05:44
03.Forever Your Girl (Saunderson-Grosse House of Love Mix) 06:33
04.Straight Up (Kevin Saunderson Club Mix) 06:48
05.Next to You 04:16

1989 - Opposites Attract
01.Opposites Attract (Street Mix) 04:34
02.Opposites Attract (12 Inch Mix) 05:40
03.Opposites Attract (Dub Version) 06:36
04.Opposites Attract (Magnetic Mix) 04:34
05.Opposites Attract (Club Mix) 06:03
06.Opposites Attract (Party Dub) 03:09

1989 - Cold Hearted
01.Cold Hearted (Extended Mix) 06:47
02.Cold Hearted (Cold Hearted House Mix) 06:40
03.Cold Hearted (Dubstramental) 05:36
04.Cold Hearted (Percapella) 03:50
05.One or the Other 04:02

1991 - Vibeology
01.Vibeology (Hurleys House) 07:00
02.Vibeology (Hurleys Underground) 05:24
03.Vibeology (Silky Sax Dub) 05:39
04.Vibeology (Underground Sax Dub) 04:54

1991 - Rush Rush
01.Rush Rush (Dub Mix) 05:53
02.Rush Rush (Album Version) 04:53
03.Rush Rush (7 Inch Edit) 04:11

1992 - Will You Marry Me
01.Will You Marry Me 04:20
02.The Promise of A New Day (East Coast Remix) 05:44
03.Goodnight My Love (Pleasant Dreams) 03:08

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