The Dangling Success – Chilled Champagne (2008)


Title: Chilled Champagne
Year Of Release: 2008
Label: Self Released
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Quality: FLAC (tracks) / MP3
Total Time: 45:32 min
Total Size: 272 MB / 106 MB


1. Lipstick Marks (04:34)
2. Slick Romance (05:38)
3. Chilled Champagne (04:50)
4. Secret Admirer (03:54)
5. Old Pajamas (05:53)
6. Neanderthal Ballet (05:07)
7. Arabian Nights (03:52)
8. Nocturnal Submission (05:53)
9. Chillin' (05:47)

”Warning! this music is an aphrodisiac for the spirit!” The Dangling Success’ website reads in bright red. I personally wouldn’t limit its effects to just the spirit, however. The tunes on the debut release CHILLED CHAMPAGNE may cut into sales of Viagra and Cialis! Radio agrees, as they lavish the following comments upon the recording: “Smooth Jazz with a definite edge.” “It’s smooth and sultry, yet energetic and electrifying.” “A unique sound that’s fresh and will really perk up our listeners’ ears!” What’s getting everybody so excited about this Hudson River Valley, NY based Smooth groove band? You’ll clearly hear the answer when you check out tracks like “Lipstick Marks,” “Arabian Nights,” and “Chillin.” Mark “Dr. Sax” Neikrowitz and his compadres, guitarist Gioron Wilkins, Sr., bassist Mike McDonough, drummer/percussionist Paul Rossman, and keyboardist Daniel Odescalchi have got it goin’ on with this set of nine groove-laden originals. We hear their live shows are events to behold, as they leap onto tables and dance with the crowd while performing! I can’t wait for this album to be the catalyst for a national tour. The Dangling Success’ CHILLED CHAMPAGNE is big fun for the summer, and it’ll keep you warm all year round! --